Ghost Soda by Hannah Valentine

  • Sustainable Clothing

    Here at Ghost Soda, providing sustainably-made and ethically-sourced clothing is our number one priority. Each piece of clothing is sourced from wholesale businesses with ethical manufacturing practices or sourced secondhand locally. It is important to us here at Ghost Soda that we don't contribute to the wastefulness of the fashion industry.

  • High Quality, Small Batches

    Ghost Soda is a slow fashion brand, the opposite of fast fashion, meaning we produce everything in small batches by hand. Every item is hand-printed or hand-sewn with the best quality of materials available for quality assurance! Wear Ghost Soda knowing your piece will outlive trends and last a long time!

  • Clothing is Art

    Hannah Valentine, creator and visionary behind Ghost Soda, combines art and fashion at a whole new level. Each Ghost Soda piece is handmade and printed by Hannah Valentine in-house, and no two pieces are alike. Hannah combines her love of clothing and her artistic talent to create one-of-a-kind pieces!