Hey Ghost Soda friends, it's Hannah!

At the beginning of November, I was asked by my local news station, Fox 2 News, to come on the show and be a part of a segment that features local small business owners! Of course I said yes!

The segment was planned for noon on November 28, 2022, but I had my website release just a few days earlier on the 25th so my time and energy was spent into the release of my website! After my website launched, I shifted gears to get ready for the feature. I knew I wanted to create something special to wear when I go on tv, but I wasn't sure the exact design I wanted to create until the day before the segment filming (lol). Originally, I was going to wear this plaid, two-piece 90s set that I would rework, but when I tried it on, the skirt was wayyyy too small on me. So instead, I found this 90s dark green dress that ended up working out a lot better, and it fit me perfectly! I ended up choosing a design that said, "Look, Mom and Dad, I'm on TV!". I figured it was perfect for this occasion. 

As I was sitting at my sewing machine, creating this dress I was going to wear on TV, I realized that in all my years of creating unique clothing designs, I had never once made anything for myself to wear. Usually whenever I create a custom piece, it's for my customers, and I couldn't afford to spend two hours on a piece and then not sell it. It was a sentimental moment that my first piece I was creating for myself was because I was going to be on TV!

The dress was complete, and next thing I know I'm packing up to go to the studio. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got there, so I just packed up an assortment of different Ghost Soda designs and went on my way. During the drive there, I was practicing what I was going to say out loud. There was lots of mess-ups, pauses, and stuttering within these fake conversations I was having with myself, which ultimately just made me more nervous and didn't help like it was supposed to.

As I finally arrived and pulled my car in the parking lot of the Fox 2 studio, that's when the nerves really started to kick in. My mom was also on her way to the studio because I had asked her to be there to help me set up and also for moral support! I sat in the car waiting for my mom to arrive because she drove separately, but that gave me time to review the questions I prompted the host to ask me. We were actually on the phone, and she was asking me questions that I was expected to answer in the segment. Again, I can't tell if talking to myself aloud in the car helped or just made me more nervous. My mom finally arrived, we took some pictures outside the studio, and then we headed in. We were very early, so they had us wait in a meeting room where I began nervously pacing. I was excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time. Finally, they came and got me, and it was time for my segment.

We made it to the space that the segment was going to be filmed in, and the most surprising thing to me was how small the room was! I had always thought TV sets were just like movie sets you see in movies: large crew staring you down in directors chairs, bright, hot lights, and a huge ware-house like room with endless ceilings and walls. But, the instant I saw the room, I was put at ease. It was only about the size of about two medium-sized bedrooms, and there was only two crew members besides the host and my mom who was going to be in the room! Seeing this made me relax instantly, and I got into set-up mode. Luckily they had mannequins and a table for me to set up on, so I dressed the mannequins and my mom helped me organize the table with Ghost Soda pieces and pieces from my projects to show how I make my pieces.

The table was set up, I got mic'ed up, and next thing I knew we were counting down to going live. 3...2...1... It all happened in the blink of an eye, but the second we went live, this sense of peace rushed over me. I thought to myself, "This is where I'm supposed to be. I am welcome here. I am allowed to take up space. I am deserving of this experience". I responded the questions that the interviewer had asked me, and next thing I knew it was over! The segment was just under 5 minutes long, but it went by in the blink of an eye! I felt so important and special behind the camera, like it was where I was supposed to be. I have to admit, I do love the spotlight!

The segment was over, and I make my mom take some pictures of me with the set-up before we took down. We undressed the mannequins and put all of the clothing back into the bag; as quickly as it happened, it was now time to leave! As we made our way to the exit, there was television posters lining the hallways in the television studio. There was a Seinfeld poster, which I felt I was legally obliged to take a picture with, so of course I did! Later that day, my mom, brother, and I celebrated by getting sushi at my favorite sushi place and having a picnic at a park!

This experience is one that I will remember and cherish forever! I am so grateful for this experience, and I can't to see what the future holds for Ghost Soda! If you would like to tune in to the segment, here is the link!

Keep it creamy, Hannah Valentine 

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