Frequently Asked Questions

★ Who am i buying from?

Hi, my name is Hannah Valentine, and I run Ghost Soda clothing all by myself! I am 22 years old, a libra, and my favorite food is sushi! I print all the pieces, design the patchwork pieces, ship orders, photograph drops, and do everything for my brand!

★ Is Ghost Soda fast fashion?

NO... never!!!!!! Ghost Soda clothing is a slow fashion brand that prioritizes quality clothing, ethical manufacturing practices, and unique clothing designs that will make you stand out from the crowd! Ghost Soda clothing makes high-quality, alternative clothing that will outlast trend cycles and last for years to come!

★ Where do you get your blank shirts from that you print on?

Ghost Soda clothing sources our crop tops and shirts from a USA-based wholesale brand that pays fair wages, prioritizes sustainability, and supports local cotton farmers to produce their pieces. Blank pieces will also occasionally come from the Goodwill Outlet, the place where clothing that doesn't sell from regular Goodwill goes before it's thrown away. 

All Ghost Soda pieces are ethically-sourced.

★ How long does it take to ship my order?

Because each order is printed in-house (that means everything is hand-printed in the same studio we ship), your order should be expected to ship in 1-14 days. You will get an email confirmation once your order has been shipped, and from there you can track your order. Feel free to message the shop on instagram (@shopghostsoda) or email us if you have any questions ( 

★ Do you do returns or refunds?

Unfortunately, at this time, Ghost Soda does not do refunds or returns on orders. Before purchasing to ensure a proper fit, refer to the measurements in the listing. If there was a problem with your order or USPS, certain circumstances may allow for a refund. Send us an email, and we will get you sorted out!

★ Is there sales tax?

Yes, there is sales tax on all orders.